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Arab-American Book Recs

April is Arab-American Heritage Month! These graphic novels are by Arab-American creators unless marked with an *

  • I Was Their American Dream by Malaka Gharib

  • It Won’t Always Be Like This by Malaka Gharib

  • Huda F Are You? by Huda Fahmy

  • Squire by Sara Alfageeh and Nadia Shammas

  • Algeria Is Beautiful Like America by Olivia Burton and Mahi Grand

  • Abbott by Saladin Ahmed and Sami Kivelä

  • Ms. Marvel: Stretched Thin by Nadia Shammas and Nabi H. Ali

  • Where Black Stars Rise by Nadia Shammas and Marie Enger

  • Welcome to the New World* by Jake Halpern and Michael Sloan

  • Arab in America by Toufic El Rassi

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