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by Sarah Cass  and Mary Terrani 


Exceptionals are being hunted for slaughter.


It's the year 2023, and a government-created virus meant to produce super soldiers has activated a hidden gene in half the population The end-result gave them superhero-like powers. Decades of covert operations followed by an all-out war to destroy this new race has left the country decimated. One group of these Exceptionals is out to heal the world. They take in stranded Exceptionals, and fight against the army trying to kill them all.


Their efforts lead them to Annie, a young woman in New York City who doesn't realize the danger she is in. The rescue takes a side turn that leaves them in a scramble to save her life.

Meanwhile, hidden deep in the compound of General Steele, the man in charge of the soldiers, two key Exceptionals are being held against their will. They have a plan to escape, which could lead to freedom, or certain death.


These two branches of rebel Exceptionals are in for the fight of their lives. Only problem is, in a world that is out of glass slippers and fairy godmothers, not everyone can make it out alive.

Escaping Humanity

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