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Women in Translation

August is Women in Translation month! Here are some translated graphic novels and manga I recommend:

Keum Suk Gendry-Kim - Korean, translated by Janet Hong

  • Grass

  • The Waiting

  • The Naked Tree

Kabi Nagata - Japanese

  • My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness

  • My Solo Exchange Diary

  • My Alcoholic Escape from Reality

  • My Wandering Warrior Existence

  • My Pancreas Broke, but My Life Got Better

Translated from Japanese

  • Talk to My Back by Murasaki Yamada, translated by Ryan Holmberg

Pénélope Bagieu - French

  • The Exquisite Corpse, translated by Alexis Siegel

  • California Dreamin, translated by Nanette McGuinness

  • Layers, translated by Montana Kane

Translated from French

  • Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, translated by Mattias Ripa

  • Aya of Yop City by Marguerite Abouet and Clément Oubrerie, translated by Helga Dascher

  • Blue is the Warmest Color by Jul Maroh, translated by Ivanka Hahnenberger

  • Poppies in Iraq by Brigitte Findakly and Lewis Trondheim, translated by Helge Dascher

  • Luisa: Now and Then by Carole Maurel, adapted by Mariko Tamaki, translated by Nanette McGuinness

  • Waves by Ingrid Chabbert and Carole Maurel, translated by Edward Gauvin

Translated from Swedish

  • Walk Me to the Corner by Anneli Furmack, translated by Hanna Stromberg

Translated from Portuguese

  • Pardalita by Joana Estrela, translated by Lyn Miller-Lachmann

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